11 Spring Cleaning Tips For Peak Emotional Wellness!

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3 min readMay 8, 2021

Spring is a beautiful time with flowers blooming, greenery and birds singing. Its’ also the time when many people in the Western Hemisphere like to clean their homes, closets and living spaces to get rid of clutter, unnecessary and outgrown stuff!

While physical cleaning is quite common, very few make the time for emotional cleaning. Becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. In order to have a healthy body, its essential to have a healthy mind! If the mind is not healthy the spirit suffers.

Its not just necessary to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, it’s also important to consciously get aware which ones are conducing to your life and which ones are creating toxicity and negativity.

Do you know someone who is a whiner or a complainer or someone who has a problem for every solution? Those are a good examples of those who need ESC, Emotional Spring Cleaning.

Just as servicing makes your car run smoother, regular ESC makes your life run smoother.

Some of the ways you can Spring Clean Emotionally are as follows:

1) Have a positive mindset: See an opportunity in every challenge, a learning in every failure.

2) Make enthusiasm your best friend. When you are enthusiastic, even the menial tasks appear exciting.

3) Gratitude as a way of life: When you are grateful, you attract more to be grateful for. It helps you get into an abundant, positive, collaborative state.

4) Practice Daily Meditation: Meditation has so many benefits, its essential to incorporate it in your daily routine. It helps you focus, get relaxed, get healthy, improves productivity, reduces anxiety and helps gain self control.

5) Healthy plant-based foods: Eating healthy helps feel better and plant based foods not just help keep you healthy but also give more energy and better mood.

6) Listening to soothing music: Music is beneficial in several ways. It not just makes you want to dance but also helps you feel calmer, happier and eases out negative emotions.

7) Dancing/walking/working out: As Tony Robbins says, changing your state, changes the emotions you are feeling. You can’t remain angry or sad when you shake your booty.

8) Simple Acts of Kindness: Whether its volunteering for a cause close to your heart or helping someone in need, simple acts of kindness helps brighten your life and make you feel more worthy.

9) Get empathetic: Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, helps you understand better, build better relationships and helps forgive and that helps you get into a better state.

10) Respect your boundaries: Set clear boundaries and respect them enough to not let anyone violate them.

11) Reframe: We can’t control what life brings but we can control how we react. When life gives you curve balls, it’s an opportunity to learn to throw aces!

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“Get rid of clutter and you might find that it was blocking the door you were looking for.” Katrina Mayer



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